Emisshield is a NASA licensed ceramic material refined and patented by Emisshield, Inc in collaboration with Virginia Tech that saves energy while increasing production in nearly all heat driven industrial applications.

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Industrial Applications

Hydrocarbon & Chemical

The energy-intensive Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Industry has numerous energy reduction opportunities that will result in significant benefits Read More »

Power Generation

Extremely high energy consumption coupled with low fuel conversion efficiency in boilers and furnaces provide significant opportunities for energy and air emission reductions Read More »

Metal Production

Emisshield is sought out by the Metal Production Industry, especially for the primary iron and steel manufacturing plants Read More »


The high heat duty, thermal cycling, and energy consumption of this industry make it a good target for Emisshield Read More »


Significant benefits have been seen with the use of Emisshield in the high heat environments found in glass furnaces Read More »

Commercial Baking

Emisshield can be applied to oven walls, baking pans and burners to increase efficiency and improve product quality. Read More »


CREMKOTE for crematories saves energy and time! Read More »

Consumer and Industrial Fabrics

Consumer and Industrial Fabric Application

Read More »

Energy Efficiency & Increased Production


Emisshield provides Energy Savings and Production Increases with one simple application.

With an increase in combustion efficiency, Emisshield customers can cut their fuel usage, increase their production, or do both.

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